FlightKinetic is an innovative drone company in the aspiring market of aerial photography.

Our Service


Consumer-oriented Services

Aerial images are perfectly suited for visual marketing materials of all kind. FlightKinetics service varies widely from simple still photography to complete movie productions.

Our service includes:

  • Eventphoto- & videography
  • Movies & documentaries
  • 360° Videos/Panorama Images
  • Thermography
  • Orthophotography
  • Timelapse videos
  • Postproduction

Professional equipped UAV's

An experienced team ensures the best results for your productions.

Impressive 360° Panorama Images

Leave a lasting impression with your customers thanks to breathtaking, interactive 360° panorama imagery.

Service for Businesses

Images and videos taken by drones provide an environment friendly and cheap alternative for surveillance and service flights for a wide range of organizations.

Surveillance Flights

We conduct drone flights for surveillance of company facilities with regular high resolution cameras as well as thermographic cameras. Aerial images in UltraHD resolution provide an unparalleled bird's-eyes view of buildings, pipelines, power supply lines and more.

RTF - Ready to Fly System

On request we build custom UAVs (unmanned aireal vehicle), trimmed to your individual requirements. Custom made drones are secured by multiple safety mechanisms, to ensure safe flights. We are also happy to answer any questions concerning UAV licences in your country.

Construction Photography

We produce multipurpose aerial photography of private and commercial buildings. Uses range from private home images to photographic documentation of construction progresses and visualizations of planned projects for marketing purposes.

Professional Equipment

We provide exceptional quality of still and moving images in UltraHighDefinition supported by perfect stabilization thanks to a three-axis stabilized gimbal navigated by a camera operator. On request we can also establish a live-out video connection in HD.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at some of our recent projects for customers around the world.

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